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NOVA, The Sounds for Life, the expert of PA system solution

NOVA ACOUSTICS is a professional designer and manufacturer of high quality pro audio sound systems and loudspeakers. NOVA provides high level of support for all our professional loudspeakers and electronics products. NOVA manufacture line array speakers, PA speakers, stage Monitor Speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers and other pro audio sound systems equipment.

To ensure high sound quality and make you feel more confidence and win your audio projects in various, we use Beyma transducers for our loudspeakers at performance.

NOVA is an expert in manufacturing professional audio sound systems and loudspeakers in China.

Good products come from good process management.

NOVA, Perfect for you!

  • Soundless room for speaker
  • NOVA line array manufacturer

Elevate your Business with NOVA Audio

Designing and manufacturing reliable high-quality professional audio sound systems and loudspeakers depends on years of experience by our R&D department and our guys. NOVA has spent the about 15 years to design and manufacture high dynamic and high quantity sound speakers especially line array speakers for your all outdoor and indoor venue applications.

Satisfactory market service system

  1. Do marketing research and analysis to grasp firmly to the pulse of the market with you.
  2. You needn’t worry about the language barrier in NOVA because the business men will negotiate with you very professional and patiently. You’ll have a comfortable talk with them.
  3. 100% delivery on time.
  4. Perfect after-sales service and satisfactory research spur us improve ourselves continuously.
  • line array are ready packing
  • NOVA Line Array
  • NOVA Professional Speaker
  • NOVA Power Amplifier
  • NOVA Audio Mixer

How Many Professional Audio Equipment in NOVA

Nova specializes in manufacturing line array, subwoofer, professional loudspeakers & KTV, stage monitor speaker, Colum Speaker, power amplifiers, AB Class Transformer Class Amplifier, D Class Digital Amplifier, Switching Power amplifier, mixers consoles,  microphone, processors including equalizers, limiters/compressors, exciters, crossovers, power sequence controllers and so on.

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