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high sound quality and wide various use: ultra-high latency for greater dynamics.

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Use NOVA Professional Audio Mixer to Delight Your Customers

NOVA is a professional audio mixer manufacturer. As a professional audio mixer manufacturer and supplier in China, we can produce wide range of audio mixer for your audio projects like 4 channels, 6 channels, 8 channels, 10 channels, 12 channels, 16 channels and 24 channels, 32 channels and 36 channels professional audio mixers, NOVA also is specialized at professional OEM  service and ODM custom-made your mixer audio.

Send your inquiry for your audio mixer business, and we will offer you the best audio mixer solution for your business based on your audio mixer details.

DGM Digital Audio Mixer

DGM is a kind of digital audio mixer including 8,12,16 channel frames. With 2 AUX, 4 group, 1 main Balance Output. Monitor headphone output, 100mm traditional fader. Built-in 24 bit/96KHz digital audio processor. Suitable for all kind of audio application.

M4-BT Mini Audio Mixer

Small and compact including 4 channels and 7 channels two models. M4-BT audio sound mixer is 4 channel audio sound mixer designing for home music production, web live video broadcast, and other needs. This mini audio console built-in PC sound card and blue tooth 2.0 and (USB) MP3 players.

MG-XU Series Audio Mixer

MG-XU series audio mixer mixing console including 10, 12, 16 and 20 channel frames. MG-XU audio mixer with SPX effects, with 24 compression and effects, all parameters could be editable designing for high-end demands audio applications,24-bit/192kHz, 2 in/2 out, with USB function, featuring low distortions, reverb and delay.

NOVA: Your Leading Professional Audio Mixer Manufacturer and Supplier

NOVA is a professional sound equipment manufacturer over 15 years of experience in China. We focus to sound quality to offer you a one -stop solution for professional audio mixer. NOVA is the professional audio mixer manufacturer that could make different channels of audio mixer for you.

NOVA’s audio mixers including analog mixer and digital mixers two models. They are including 4 channels audio mixer, 6 channels audio mixer, 8 channels audio mixer, 10 channels audio mixer, 12 channel audio mixer, 16 channel audio mixer, 18 channel audio mixer, 24 channel audio mixer, 30 audio mixer and 36 channel audio mixer.

With over 15 years of professional audio mixer manufacturer experience, NOVA’s professional audio mixer has an amazing warmth and high-end musical character. The professional audio mixers in NOVA can be used in a condenser microphone and wired microphone by selecting a + 48V phantom source. With high quality components, robust and reliable construction, NOVA’s professional audio mixers ensure durability for a long service life.

NOVA’s professional audio mixers are designed for high quality on stage performance, church, show music festival and DJs, bars, clubs and more from small house to large stadiums.

Send us an inquiry now and we will offer you our best perfect audio mixer and other audio products.

Data Sheet


  • C210 Dual 10 inch Line Array
    • Flagship dual 10 inch line array for over 10 years
    • Two 75mm voice coil BEYMA brand woofers
    • One 3 inch BEYMA brand compression driver unit
    • Deliver High fidelity sound quality
    • 10″x2+3″, 2800W peak power
  • Switching Power Amplifier
    • FP series including 2 channels and 4 channels
    • Stable under 2 Ohms long terms drive speakers
    • From 650W to 2500W @8Ohm for each channels
    • 2U compact and light rack
    • 100% pure copper heatsink
  • BT210K 10 inch Compact Line Array
    • 10″x2+3″
    • 700W RMS power
    • High SPL low distortion
    • Two 10 inch BEYMA woofers
    • One 3 inch BEYMA compression driver unit
    • Over 15 year manufacturing ad sales experience in loudspeaker
  • D Series Class-D Amplifier
    • 1U rack compact amplifier
    • Including 2 channels and 4 channels
    • Light weight but high power and stable
    • 2 years warranty
    • From 800W to 3000W each channels @8Ohm
  • C212X Dual 12 inch Line Array
    • 12″x2+3″, 2-way
    • Two 12 inch BEYMA woofers
    • One 3 inch BEYMA compression driver unit
    • Compact but powerful line array
    • 900W RMS power
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