BT1200 Dual 6.5 Inch with Sub Line Array Speaker System

If you want a high-fidelity audio in an easy to set up and compact sound system, The BT-1200 system is an ideal choice for you. The BT-1200 compact system package is a mini line array cluster which composed by 5 enclosures. The 5 enclosures is including a 15″ low-mid and four dual 6.5″ mid-high enclosures(4TOP+1SUB+1FRAME)

  • Dual 6.5″ Faital woofers
  • Single 1.75″ Beyma titanium compression drivers
  • One 15″ NOVA custom-made woofer
  • Stellar sound quality and massive power
  • High quality birch plywood enclosure
  • Easy mounting
  • Great flexibility
  • Versatile applications



BT1200 is very suitable for small and medium house of worship, clubs, club and other indoor venues as well as outdoor applications. The system can also be used as a side-fill or front fill speaker.
BT1200 have passive and active two version for your choice. When you use a powered version of the BT1200,the 15″ low-mid enclosure operates as a master control center for the entire cluster.
One BT-1200-900 series two-channel amplifier module can drive 5 speakers. Channel one of amplifier has been designed to power 15“ low-mid frequency and the other channel of amplifier drive the dual 6.5″ mid-high frequency enclosures.

BT-1200 1×15 “subwoofer is connected to the Neutrik NL4 connector. 2×6.5” elements are connected to a passive crossover at points (+ 1, -1). In Power Save mode, a 1×15 “element is connected to the amplifier so no wiring is required. However, the two 6.5” boxes require an NL4 interconnect cable to be connected together in a 15 “low level enclosure. Midrange enclosure.

Each enclosure is constructed from high quality birch plywood and fitted with standard aluminum fittings. Our hardware is built to be user friendly in both flown array and ground stacking applications. All our hardware has been built and tested with a static load ratio of 7: 1, so users can move up to 10 line array elements on a single hook with our A2 Fly-Bar.

All of our line arrays are hand-wired using premium 14 gauge cables. All of our transducers from dual 6.5” line array are from Original Faital audio company to deliver more high fidelity and stable, efficiency sound for your performance.



Type: BT1200 Dual 6.5 Inch with Sub Line Array Speaker System
Frequency response: 45 Hz – 19 kHz (-6 dB)
Power handling RMS / peak (passive): 3-way
Low RMS Power / peak: 500 W / 2000 W
Mid RMS Power / peak: 800 W / 3200 W
High RMS Power / peak: 200 W / 800 W
LF sensitivity (1w@1m): 110dB
MF/HF sensitivity (1w@1m): 100 dB
LF Maximum SPL: 131dB 130 dB
MF/HF Maximum SPL: 131dB 120 dB
Dispersion horizontal: 100°
Dispersion vertical: 10°
Low frequency: 1×15″NOVA customs-made woofer
Mid frequency: 8x 6.5″Faital woofer
High frequency: 4x 1.75″ Beyma compression driver unit or NOVA customs-made compression driver unit
Nominal impedance LF: 8 Ohm
Nominal impedance MF/HF 16 Ohm
Enclosure material: Birch plywood
Finish: Envoironment painting
Flying hardware: Integrated
Dimensions (WxHxD): 991 x360x 508 mm
Net weight: 70 kg


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