C212X Dual 12 Inch 2 Way High Performance Line Array Line Array

Model Number C212X
Components: 12″x2+3″
Frequency Response: 55Hz-19kHz(-10dB)
Coverage Angle: 100°Hx10°V
Nominal Impedance: 8Ohm
RMS Power: 800Watt
Peak Power: 3200Watt
System: Dual 12 inch 2-way line array speaker system

Why C212X Line Array

  • Compact C212X large format line array
  • Best-in-class sound pressure and Frequency response
  • All Beyma transducers for line array system
  • 12″x2+3″
  • Robust and lightweight design
  • The strenth-testing proven rigging system
  • 100°Hx10°V
  • 12 “transducers but like 10” footprint
  • Designed for medium and large performing live events and fixing installations.

C212X is the dual 12 inch 2-way line array speaker, the C212X line array speaker is a multifunctional loudspeaker that can meet all requirements of medium-sized events and venues with 1,000 to 10,000 people.

C212X is designed as a 12 inch true full-range line source and integrates a 12-inch sensor to achieve large format system performance. However, the size is not very huge just closed to a typical 10-inch compact format. The C212X line array becomes more fast, more easy, and more sustainable and economical since C212X line array loudspeaker could reduce the quantity of subwoofers and amplifiers needs.

C212X is a dual 12 inch line array system, to compare with C210 dual 10 inch line array speaker, C212X with looks big on the eyes but more better sound than dual 10 inch line array in more bigger venues, and the price is attractive to you if you compare dual to dual 10 inch line array C210 with dual 12 inch 3-way C212II big line array speaker.

C212X is a long throw and full range speaker but compact line array speaker for the small and medium sized activities and venues of most sound providers. C212X line array speaker is completely suitable for the small to medium event, and also could be used with C212II for enhancing power to large-capacity events .

As part of the NOVA-C series, NOVA-C212X is a full range line array speaker system. C212X line array speaker designed for medium sized mobile applications. C212X is ideally suited for applications that require a long range, a reinforced low frequency contour, a wide bandwidth and a limited floor space, such as Live events at medium sized festivals as well as tours, performing arts and corporate events in large exhibition halls or special events.

To match C212X, we recommend SW218X dual 18 inch high power subwoofer which without hardware for flying just stand on the ground with an exceptional frequency response with 45 Hz to 20 kHz . NOVA-C212X also can be used as the main system for amplifying vocals and music in most applications, or as a complement to C212II. The NOVA-C212X is perfectly a compact main line array system for demanding live events with the SW-218X together. It is the ideal and economic line array system for you.

Type: 12″ 2-way bi-amplified line array module
Frequency response: 55 Hz – 20 kHz (-6 dB)
Power handling AES / peak (passive):  Bi-amplified only
Low RMS Power / peak: 800 W / 3200 W
High RMS Power / peak: 100 W / 400 W
Sensitivity 1W / 1m: 105 dB
Maximum peak SPL (with LINUS10) 140 dB
Dispersion horizontal: 100°
Dispersion vertical: 10°
Low frequency: 2x 12″Beyma woofer or NOVA customs-made woofer
High frequency: 1x 3″ Beyma woofer or NOVA customs-made compression driver unit
Crossover point: 400 Hz bi-amp, 6300 Hz passive
Input connectors: 2x Neutrik™: 1x Input + 1x Link Cable
Nominal impedance LF / MF+HF: 8 Ohm (1+/1-) / 16 Ohm (2+/2-)
Enclosure material: Birch plywood
Finish: Polyurea coating (water resistant)
Flying hardware: Integrated
Dimensions (WxHxD): 370 x 920 x 570 mm
Net weight: 58 kg
  • C212X Line Array on Production Line
  • C212X Line Array
  • Beyma Woofer and Compression driver Unit for C212X Line Array
  • C212X line array for live show

C212X Dual 12" Line Array Loudspeaker

C212X is composed by 12″x2+3″, RMS power is 800W and peak power is 3200W.

Compact line array speaker delivers superior sound quality with two 10″ Beyma woofer and one Beyma compression driver unit.C212X line array deliver 800W RMS power and 3200W peak power handling.

C212X is housed by 15mm top-great internal birch plywood enclosure, with heavy duty metal grill and aluminum hardware. Rugged construction could make your line array mobile to any applications

Widely Application
NOVA C212X line array is ideal for medium to large scale venues including performing live sound, club, nightclubs, bars, churches and musical festivals.

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