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NOVA manufacture standard and custom-made flight case for your brand

Flight Case Manufacturer

Why NOVA Flight Case

  • Over 15 years of experience manufacturing flight case
  • High quality design, manufacture, material and after-sale in NOVA.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Supply standard and custom-made flight case
  • Different color for flight case available

Custom Flight case to Skyrocket Your Brand

Why should you custom flight case from NOVA? Simply because flight case need strong and experience design ability and NOVA could offer you one-stop solution.

NOVA is one of the best custom flight case manufacturer and supplier. Our full capability on Flight case and design possibility could make an exactly dimension without tolerance. We have fill capacity on designing, CNC, high quality hardware, experience workers and assembly.

At the same time, we could make different color depend your demand, you could choose, blue, red, black and yellow and so on color for your custom flight case, you just need to send your products dimension to us, then the next work is ours.

We offer a wide range of flight case suitable for equipment such as DJs and motorsport equipment, CD, mixer, cables, speakers, LED battern and more.

NOVA flight cases are ideal designed for LCD display or LCD, Plasma, Line Array, Stage Speaker, Subwoofer, Sound and Light, CD rack, road trunks and musical and more. OEM and ODM flight case for any size to prolonging your equipment’s life and usability. NOVA’s  flight case can protect all your equipment from scratches and damage and easy moving during your performance.

Please send email for your special flight case order now.


  • FP10000Q Switching Power Amplifier
    • FP series including 2 channels and 4 channels
    • Stable under 2 Ohms long terms drive speakers
    • From 650W to 2500W @8Ohm for each channels
    • 2U compact and light rack
    • 100% pure copper heatsink
  • BT210K 10 inch Compact Line Array
    • 10″x2+3″
    • 700W RMS power
    • High SPL low distortion
    • Two 10 inch BEYMA woofers
    • One 3 inch BEYMA compression driver unit
    • Over 15 year manufacturing ad sales experience in loudspeaker
  • C210 Dual 10 inch Line Array
    • Flagship dual 10 inch line array for over 10 years
    • Two 75mm voice coil BEYMA brand woofers
    • One 3 inch BEYMA brand compression driver unit
    • Deliver High fidelity sound quality
    • 10″x2+3″, 2800W peak power
  • C212X Dual 12 inch Line Array
    • 12″x2+3″, 2-way
    • Two 12 inch BEYMA woofers
    • One 3 inch BEYMA compression driver unit
    • Compact but powerful line array
    • 900W RMS power
  • D Series Class-D Amplifier
    • 1U rack compact amplifier
    • Including 2 channels and 4 channels
    • Light weight but high power and stable
    • 2 years warranty
    • From 800W to 3000W each channels @8Ohm
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