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We, NOVA is your professional manufacturer and supplier in China offering high powered, high sound quality but lightweight line array speakers with competitive price to your pro audio projects.

  • Supply wide range size of line array speakers
  • Offer ODM and OEM for your line array speakers.
  • Choose BEYMA transducers for your line array speakers.
  • High class birch plywood with Polyurea painting
  • High technology R&D department
  • Good relationship with material supplier
  • Experience workers for line array speaker manufacturing
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NOVA's Line Array Speaker for Your Any Venue Applications

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NOVA ACOUSTICS Your Professional Line Array Speaker Manufacturer

C210 Dual 10 Inch Full Range High output Line Array Speaker

Compact but high efficiency, 2×10″+3″ BEYMA transducers C210 dual 10 inch full range line array speaker offer high fidelity sound with a dynamic range and extended bass, suited for theatres, concerts, house of worship, corporate events, club and touring sound.

C212X Dual 12 Inch 2 Way High Performance Line Array Speaker

Designed for medium size tour events and fixed installations, dual 12 inch 2 way compact line array, speaker with BEYMA transducers 2×12″+3″ created high quality sound for club, theatres, church, clubs and touring.

C212II Dual 12 Inch 3 Way Outdoor Line Array Speaker

Compact, dual 12 inch 3 way high output line array speaker with 2×12″ LF, 4X6.5″MF, 2X1.75″ HF, designed for large scale performing live event and tours and fixed installations applications. The C212II is perfect suited for stadium, theatres, church, arenas, clubs and touring.

BT208K Dual 8 Inch Compact Line Array Speaker

Designed for small-to-medium scale applications, 2×8″+3″, 2-way compact enclosure with BEYMA transducer delivered high efficiency high quality sound for medium clarity demands, BT208K is a lightweight line array speaker for vocal, speech and lead instruments.

BT210K Dual 10 Inch Compact Mid-size Line Array Speaker

Composed by two 10″ BEYMA LF and one 3″ BEYMA compression driver unit, 2-way compact and light weight line array speaker deliver high fidelity, clear and clean sound quality for defined speech intelligibility and exacting musical reproduction.

VERA24 Medium to Large 2-way Dual 12 inch Line Array Speaker

12″x2+3″,Small cabinet dimension with 2pcs of 12″ BEYMA woofer and one 3″ compression driver unit, RMS power 900W and high fidelity sound quality, VERA24 line array speaker is an touring and installation specific medium to large format 3-way line array. VERA24 is suit for theatres, houses of worship, clubs and touring.

Why NOVA is Expert in Line Array Speaker

NOVA line array speakers are one of professional and high quality loudspeaker. It is designed for different applications from small bars to large outdoor live events and touring.

We, NOVA use BEYMA transducers, a famous brand from Spain to make more confidence to your pro audio projects. NOVA deliver high power and high quality sound for your high demands performance. We can supply various line array speakers to your different venues with awesome sound and affordable feature.

Over 15 years experienced workers and professional engineers in NOVA to make line array speakers and other audio equipment deliver high quality sound for high-performance applications.

How NOVA Manufacture Your Line Array Speaker

Line array speaker cabinet CNC production line
Line Array Speaker Cabinet CNC Production Line
CNC cutting wood cabinet will make the line array speaker cabinets fast
Line array speaker polishing to painting
Line array speaker polishing to painting
Line array speaker polishing to painting
Line Array Speaker Fixing
Line Array Speaker Fixing
Line Array Speaker Fixing
line array speaker are ready packing
line array speaker are ready packing
We will test the sound one by one to check all your line array speaker in the right phase before package.

NOVA - Your Premier Line Array Speaker Manufacturer in China

C212II line array speaker on production line
KARA line array speaker finish coating
VT4888 line array speaker
C210 line array speaker ready for testing before packing

NOVA – Your Trusted Line Array Speaker Manufacturer

If you are looking for a high-performance and high-quality line array speaker system for your performance, please choose NOVA. We are your best choice for your line array speaker pro audio projects.

If you want high-quality but limited by your budget, NOVA line array speaker is the perfect manufacturer to help to meet your budget. Just feel free to advice for we can offer high power and high clarity sound quality with affordable price to you.

NOVA line array speaker designed for your different venues applications including house of worship, church, nightclub, theater, live events, touring performance etc.


With experienced workers and professional R&D department, we never stop to further our line array speakers and other pro audio equipment manufacturing and promotion.

As the leading and professional manufacturer of line array speakers over 15 years in China, NOVA provides a complete service for audio projects including fixed installation and live events.

NOVA provides all kinds of line array speakers. Our line array speakers have two-way and three-way which including:

  • Dual 6.5 inch mini line array speaker for smallest theatres and concert venues;
  • Dual 8 inch line array speaker designed for small to medium venues.
  • Dual 10 inch line array speaker designed for medium to large venues.
  • Dual 12 inch line array speaker and dual 15 inch line array for large venues applications in touring and live events.

Our main product: in addition to line array speaker including full range speaker, professional speaker, stage monitor, subwoofer, power amplifier, switching power amplifier, Class-D amplifier, signal processor and so on.

All of our line array speaker can be customized or OEM according to customer’s design.

NOVA is experts in manufacturing and supplying line array speakers to worldwide. As a professional line array speaker manufacturer and supplier in China over 15 years, we use BEYMA woofers and compression driver unit to make sure your line array can perform stable and high quality sound to your fixed installation and live events.

Good relationship with material supplier for many years to ensure the line array speaker could be finished in time. Experience workers and professional engineer could make sure your line array speaker always in good quality for performance.

As a professional line array speaker manufacturer and supplier, NOVA can satisfy your budget needs by communication with us, NOVA is the best choice for your affordable line array speakers. We are good at solve your different difficulties and help you skyrocket to your business.

We hope can build long and great relationship with you.

Send your inquiries for your next audio projects.

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