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NOVA is your first choice manufacturer and a trusted supplier of high quality high power amplifiers and other pro audio equipment. With over 15 years of power amplifier design and manufacturer experience, NOVA has a strict QC workers and professional technology engineers.

NOVA manufactures Class AB power amplifier, Class-D digital amplifier and switching power amplifier from 350W to 2500W @ 8Ohm for each channel. NOVA is an experience manufacturer of high quality and stable sound quality types for audio equipment, especially power amplifiers.

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LA8 Four Channels Switching Power Amplifier with DSP

LA8 is a digital DSP professional power amplifier deliver 4×1300 Watts at 8 Ohms for high-power and stable sound quality demands venues use like stadium, theater, music festival and touring performance.



FP10000Q 4 channels Switching Power Amplifier

FP series four-channels switching power amplifier with  pure copper heat sink deliver 4x1300W, 4x800W,4x1500W into 8Ohm. They are FP10000Q,FP6000Q, FP12000Q there-version switching power amplifier easy moving but high quality design for your performance.

FP14000 Two-channels Switching Power Amplifier

Flagship switching power amplifier FP14000 and FP20000Q both are two-channels. They deliver 2×2350@8Ohm and 2x2200W@8Ohm high power but light weight. These two model amplifier are the ideal choice for subwoofers at live events and touring performance

D2 series Two-Channels Digital Power Amplifier for Clubs and Tour Sound

1U Rack Unit, Light weight 2-channels D2 digital power amplifiers deliver 400W to 1200W per channels into 8Ohm. These D-class digital power amplifiers are ideal used for meeting room, karaoke room and clubs, tour performance.



NOVA Four-Channels Digital Power Amplifier K4-1500 and K4-2000

NOVA K4 series is 4-channels light weight digital power amplifier, it including two power models. K4-1500 at 4x1500W into 8Ohm and K4-2000 is 4x2000W @8Ohm. K4 is a cost-effective Class-D power amplifier for high quality performance.


Two-Channels Class-D Digital Power Amplifier K2-3000 and K2-2000

K2 digital power amplifier is 1U lightweight amplifier with 2 channels. K2 also has 2 power models. K2-3000 deliver 2x3500W at 8Ohm and K2-2000 deliver 2x2000W at 8Ohm for high quality live events. It is a powerful but super light digital  power amplifier.

Why NOVA is Your Best Choice Professional Power Amplifier Manufacturer

NOVA is a trusted and experience of manufacturer for power amplifier. With over 15 years of experiences of power amplifier manufacturer and supplier, NOVA manufactures various amplifiers to you. Experienced and professional engineer and strict QC keep our power amplifier features a stable and high quality sound for the performance.

NOVA also offers OEM service to your power amplifier. NOVA use import brand material like as IC and strict testing before shipment to make NOVA has high efficiency power amplifier to offer rich and beautiful sound for your performance. The power of power amplifiers from 350 Watt to 2500 Watt each channel at 8Ohm. NOVA manufacturing class AB amplifier, switching power amplifier and digital D class amplifier from 2 channels to 4 channels. NOVA offer 3 years of warrantee service of power amplifier for you.

If your audio project or your business needs to import line array speaker, NOVA will be your best choice to manufacture your line array speaker orders.

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Data Sheet


  • Professional PA Speaker
    • Including 8″,10″,12″ and dual 15″ full range speaker
    • Custom-made woofers to make high output
    • Custom-made compression driver unit for clear and clean sound
    • High quality plywood cabinet
    • Designed for clubs, bars,  house of worship, shops and more
  • FP10000Q Switching Power Amplifier
    • FP series including 2 channels and 4 channels
    • Stable under 2 Ohms long terms drive speakers
    • From 650W to 2500W @8Ohm for each channels
    • 2U compact and light rack
    • 100% pure copper heatsink
  • BT210K 10 inch Compact Line Array
    • 10″x2+3″
    • 700W RMS power
    • High SPL low distortion
    • Two 10 inch BEYMA woofers
    • One 3 inch BEYMA compression driver unit
    • Over 15 year manufacturing ad sales experience in loudspeaker
  • C212X Dual 12 inch Line Array
    • 12″x2+3″, 2-way
    • Two 12 inch BEYMA woofers
    • 3 inch BEYMA compression driver unit
    • Compact but powerful line array
    • 900W RMS power
  • C210 Dual 10 inch Line Array
    • Flagship dual 10 inch line array for over 10 years
    • Two 75mm voice coil BEYMA brand woofers
    • One 3 inch BEYMA brand compression driver unit
    • Deliver High fidelity sound quality
    • 10″x2+3″, 2800W peak power

NOVA, Your One-stop Power amplifier Solution Manufacturer for Your Performance

Are you looking for good sound for your performance? The perfect music sound comes from good professional speakers, and also come from a good power amplifier. A good pro audio equipment needs to use a professional power amplifier.

Do you want more professional power amplifier for your audio equipment?

As a professional power amplifier manufacturer in China, with experience and high technology engineer, NOVA use professional imported chip for the circuit board, it make the performance of the circuit board getting more stable. NOVA manufactures 2 channels to 4 channels from 300Watt to 2500Watt each channel to meet different performance.

No matter how small to medium scale installations, or large scale installation, NOVA power amplifier features reliability audio quality for different demands venues performance. The power amplifier in NOVA are designed for indoors and outdoors sound system which including KTV room, night bars, school, church, Music Festival, Touring performance, live event and shows, stadiums and so on.

The professional power amplifier in NOVA features 24-hour keeping operation, circuit burnout protection, input voltage protection, output current limit DC protection, overcurrent protection, overheating protection, short circuit protection, and 2 temperature-controlled high-speed fans forced air cooling.

NOVA provides one stop solution for the power and performance you need for different venues installation, and also for portable passive professional speaker systems. NOVA’s professional power amplifiers making the ideal for using with all NOVA passive professional loudspeakers. The professional power amplifier of NOVA is an ideal for professional audio equipment engineering.

We can ship your power amplifier with other audio equipment anywhere: USA, Europe, South America, UK, Korea, Germany, Russia, Africa, etc.

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