Q1 Dual 10 Inch High Performance Full Range Line Array

Q1 700W Compact Line Array Loudspeaker for Concert Sound Equipment

2×10” + 3″ /full range line array speaker / 700 (RMS)

  • Components two 10 inch woofer and one 1.75 inch compression driver unit
  • Angle dispersion 75° x 15°
  • SPL max 139 dB
  • High class plywood cabinet with a pair of handles
  • A rigid metal grill covered with replaceable acoustical transparent foam


The Q1 is 2-way passive line array speaker, it built by two 10 inch woofers and one 3 inch customs-made compress driver unit. High SPL and low distortion to make Q1 compact line array speaker features high efficiency to suit for various venues like nightclubs and bars, concert halls, touring and concerts, theatre and opera and sports venues. Q1 line array speaker could delivery clear vocal voice for performance.

Q1 line array speaker speaker could combined with QSUB subwoofer speaker to a system which could flown or stacked or ground supported.

1. All transducers are neodymium units
2 High-quality plywood enclosure
3. Environment painting for the cabinet
4. Smooth frequency response.
5. Fast installation rigging system
6. High SPL and Low distortion
7. For small size live performance, live speech and some high class conference room.


1. Design for stadium, theater, and conference center.
2. Fixed installation sound reinforcement applications.
3. Multi-function room or the concert hall, performing living venues.

Model Q1 Q-SUB
Frequency response (-3dB) 60Hz-17KHz 40Hz-200Hz
Components LF: 2×10″ Neodymium Drivers;  HF: 1×75″ Neodymium Driver LF 1×18″ woofer
System sensitivity (1w@1m) 106dB SPL 106dB SPL
Maximum SPL 138dB 135dB
Power handling 750W 800W
Peak power 1500W 1600W
Nominal Impedance 8Ohms 8Ohms
Dispersion angle 75°x150° N/A
Connectors 2 NL4 Speakon connectors 2xSpeakon connectors (NL4)
Enclosure 15mm plywood 15mm plywood, compact reflected low frequency
Finish Textured black paint Textured black paint
Grille Black perforated steel Black perforated steel
Dimensions (W x D x H) 580x308x410 mm 580x493x668 mm

To drive Q1 + QSUB line array speaker system, you can choose our most popular amplifier FP10000Q, the FP10000Q amplifier is 4-channel switching amplifier which is 4*1300W@8ohm and 4*2200W@4ohm) for Q1 line array speaker. For subwoofer QSUB, we use our FP14000 to drive. FP14000 is 2 channel switching power amplifier, it is 2*2400W@8ohm and 2*4800W@4ohm for subwoofer for performance.

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