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NOVA, Your Leading Speaker Processor Manufacturer

NOVA is a professional speaker processor manufacturer and supplier of speaker processor. We can offer superior speaker processor to you from small house of worship to performing live events.

NOVA is the manufacturer of speaker processor, NOVA’s speaker manufacturer could deliver sophisticated EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Crossover, and Delay, dynamics processing and system protection and more function to your loudspeaker for performance. Fast shipping in one week time and 3-year warranty in right operation to keep your audio market win more audio business chance.

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DC4000 2 input 6 output speaker processor

2 input 6 output, High performance 32-Bit DSP digital speaker management system, 3 year warranty period and two RS485 remote-connectors.

DAP24 speaker processor-front

2 input 4 output speaker processor
Processor/2 input, 4 output Speaker Processor for live sound applications.

DAP26 signal processor speaker

2 input 6 output speaker processor
2 input, 6 output loudspeaker management system for fixing installation and live sound.

DAP36 speaker processor

3 input 6 output speaker processor
3 input, 6 output digital loudspeaker processor, 451ms maximum delay

DAP48 speaker processor-side

4 in 8 out Speaker Processor
4 input 8 output, 9 segment input parametric equalizer, 8 segment output

Get NOVA Speaker Processor Delight Your Audio Performance

NOVA is the No.1 provider of speaker processor for your speaker processor business and any relate audio business. Speaker Processor also called Speaker Management System and audio processor. We have 5 models of speaker processor for your choose depend on different demands from performance.

NOVA is a professional loudspeaker and amplifier, speaker processor manufacturer and supplier over 15 years. With strict QC department and more than 12 years of working experience of NOVA’s worker, we tend to offer you one-stop solution for speaker processor and loudspeakers at performance.

NOVA designed and manufactured speaker processors for your audio projects. If you are in business of speaker processors and professional loudspeakers, or if you have audio project like club, bars, events and more, please choose NOVA’s speaker processors. They may boom your audio business and please to your audience.

More and more new loudspeaker company was born in currently, so more and more speaker processors to the world audio market. How to find your Mr. Right speaker processors? NOVA focus to sound quality and product quality based on reasonable price to you, and 3 years of Warrantee. NOVA delivered the best speaker processors to you.

NOVA also offers professional OEM service to your business. And NOVA’s speaker processor can saving and stock your rating performance.

If you want high performance for your loudspeaker, please send an inquiry now, we will answer you immediately.


  • Professional PA Speaker
    • Including 8″,10″,12″ and dual 15″ full range speaker
    • Custom-made woofers to make high output
    • Custom-made compression driver unit for clear and clean sound
    • High quality plywood cabinet
    • Designed for clubs, bars,  house of worship, shops and more
  • Switching Power Amplifier
    • FP series including 2 channels and 4 channels
    • Stable under 2 Ohms long terms drive speakers
    • From 650W to 2500W @8Ohm for each channels
    • 2U compact and light rack
    • 100% pure copper heatsink
  • BT210K 10 inch Compact Line Array
    • 10″x2+3″
    • 700W RMS power
    • High SPL low distortion
    • Two 10 inch BEYMA woofers
    • One 3 inch BEYMA compression driver unit
    • Over 15 year manufacturing ad sales experience in loudspeaker
  • C212X Dual 12 inch Line Array
    • 12″x2+3″, 2-way
    • Two 12 inch BEYMA woofers
    • One 3 inch BEYMA compression driver unit
    • Compact but powerful line array
    • 900W RMS power
    • Designed for live sound, tour sound, church, musical festival, stadium and more.
  • Flight Case
    • Custom-made different size and color flight case for you
    • You only need to offer us your drawing with dimension
    • High quality flight case hardware accessories
    • Stable wheels for flight case safe during transport
    • Over 15 years of manufacturing and sale experience

NOVA Line Array Speaker

As a premier line array speaker and line array pro audio sound system manufacturer, NOVA designed and manufactured range line array speakers from dual 6 inch to dual 15 inch 3-way line array for large scale application. They suit for church, clubs, house of worship, theatres, concert, hotel, school, corporate events and touring.

ODM for Your Line Array Speaker Type

We can also offer ODM service for you and custom-made your line array based on your designs for your market.

NOVA has a complete range of line array systems for your venues.

NOVA’S Line array speakers  could cover all types from small to large scale applications. NOVA design and manufacture line array from dual 6 inch mini line array to dual 15 inch 3-way line array speaker system to meet different needs for different small to large venues applications.

For small venues, NOVA’s BT1200 and K208 small line array speaker could delivers high fidelity and intelligibility sound to your audiences

C112, C210, K210, Q1, VERA10 compact line array could suit for medium to large venues for their reflexibility and compact. they are enough to deliver the perfect solution for small to medium sized events or DJs.

Designed for large scale touring and installation applications, the C212X, C212II and VT4888, VT4889 big line array speaker system have high SPL and high output, they are designed for medium to large outdoor and indoor venues is perfectly suited for arenas, theatres, houses of worship, corporate events, clubs and touring.

Contact the NOVA support team and get a quick quote on any NOVA line array speaker.

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