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NOVA is a professional Subwoofer manufacturer in China. It offers the punch subwoofer to your audio project.

  • Over 15 years of experience on professional subwoofers.
  • 18mm thickness high quality plywood cabinet.
  • Strong R&D department and strict QC department.
  • Customs-made 220mm magnet subwoofer units.
  • Low-distortion, high-performance and deep bass performance.
  • As Made-in-China Golden Membership for SGS.
  • RMS power from 600W to 2000W each subwoofer.
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NOVA's Subwoofers for Your Any Venue Applications

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NOVA ACOUSTICS Your Professional Subwoofer Manufacturer

F218MK2 Horn-load Subwoofer

New Horn-loaded powerful subwoofer with two long excursion woofer to deliver tight and punch bass for the performance.

C218 Subwoofer

2×18″ long throw high output woofers for performing live event and installation, low frequency range Extended down to 25 Hz (-6 dB)

C218X Subwoofer

This is a double 18 inch high power woofers performing with C212X line array speaker , low frequency range Extended down to 25 Hz (-6 dB),  for performing live event and installation

BT18BK Subwoofer

Single 18 inch high output compact subwoofer performing with BT208K and BT210K line array speaker system. BT18KB could flown and ground stacked.

SW218KS Subwoofer

This is a L-vent port high output 2×18″ long throw subwoofer for large scale indoor and outdoor venues like stadium, festival, theater and concert.

SW221BSX Subwoofer

Dual 21 inch serious low throw subwoofer, it is NOVA’s biggest subwoofer for large stadiums, live event and festivals.

SW218B Subwoofer

2×18″ long excursion woofers, The SW218B is a high performance subwoofer. It designed for ground stacked applications

SW118 Subwoofer

A Single 18 inch Long Throw High Power Subwoofer, it housed a long excursion 100mm voice coil bass horn-load in the enclosure.

SRX718 Single 18 inch Subwoofer

1×18″ premium portable subwoofer, RMS power 800W, With 20mm thread pole socket for mounting satellite speaker in safe.

SRX728 Subwoofer

It is built by 2×18″ woofers premium portable but high power subwoofer speakers

F118S Single 18 inch Subwoofer

1×18″ high output but affordable and compact subwoofer speaker for event and fixed installation

F218S Subwoofer

It is a dual 18 inch long excursion high efficiency and affordable compact subwoofer speaker for live event and installation

Why NOVA is Expert in Subwoofers

As a leading supplier of subwoofer, NOVA custom-made long excursion subwoofer unit depend on different subwoofer enclosure inner construction to make sure deliver real deep bass to your audio project.

Subwoofer also called subwoofer speaker. NOVA manufacturers subwoofers never upset your market and will help you got reputations in subwoofers. Choose the right and real subwoofer will help you extend more bass and make the performance feel big punch for events. We have various subwoofers including single 18″ subwoofer, single21″ subwoofer, dual 18″ subwoofer and dual 21″ subwoofer.

NOVA subwoofer  for your different events at different venues like nightclub, live event, festival and more. We also can custom-made subwoofers according your demands.

How NOVA Manufacture Your Subwoofers

Subwoofer cabinet CNC production line
Subwoofer Cabinet CNC Production Line
CNC cutting wood cabinet will make the subwoofers cabinets fast
Subwoofer cabinet waiting to coating
Subwoofer Cabinet
High class subwoofer cabinet are waiting for coating
Subwoofer coating
Subwoofer cabinets are coating
Subwoofer is ready for packing
Testing Sound Before Packing
We will test the sound one by one to check all your subwoofers in the right phase before package.

NOVA - Your Premier Subwoofer Speaker Manufacturer in China

SW-218B Subwoofer Waiting Subwoofer Speaker
SW221BSX dual 21 inch subwoofer on production line
C218 subwoofers on productions line
F18S are waiting for fixing grill

Rocket Your Business with NOVA Subwoofers

Are you upset the subwoofer is less bass? Are you looking for a long throw and high output subwoofer for your event? NOVA is the key to the bass. We provide all types of subwoofers including single 15″ subwoofer, single 18″ subwoofer, single 21″ subwoofer and dual 18″, dual 21″ subwoofer.

NOVA’s subwoofers deliver low distortion and long excursion sound quality to all your venues including: club, bar, night club, church, stadium, sport, show, concerts and festival. NOVA’s subwoofers deliver punch bass to your performance and never upset your audience.

All the engineers in the audio project use subwoofers since they love the punch feeling in the performance. NOVA can make long throw but low distortion subwoofer with deep bass to deliver big punching to the event. And NOVA’s subwoofers also could ground-stacked, and also some special design to flying with line array together.

If you are a rental company, distributors, business owner, retails of audio project and you want more high quality subwoofer to supply your business, choose NOVA now. You can guarantee that all our subwoofer are finished very well on designed, manufactured and tested to ensure the subwoofer’s quality are well.

Here in NOVA acoustics, we are SGS certified and providing high quality subwoofers at reasonable prices to your market. We using high-end CNC machine to cut 13 ply 18mm high quality plywood cabinet and using environment coating and custom-made woofer to make NOVA’s subwoofers satisfy your acquired.

For more than 15 years of subwoofers experience to provide professional subwoofers to ensure the heavy bass to your audio project and your subwoofers must be tested one by one carefully before packing.

Aside from subwoofers, we are also manufacturing different kinds of line array speaker that you are looking for such as 6″ line array, 8″ line array, 10″ line array and 12″ line array and 15″ line array.

If you have any questions regarding our subwoofers and other products, please contact us.

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