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As a professional loudspeaker and amplifier manufacturer in China, NOVA offers you very good performance and high efficiency transformer amplifier with Toroidal transformer, so also called toroidal transformer amplifier.

  • Over 15 years of transformer amplifier manufacturing experience
  • With high quality copper toroidal transformer
  • Offer cost-efficient for every audio project.
  • 7 hours aging testing before packing
  • Adapt to a particularly wide range of load conditions.
  • Pure sonic quality and low distortion
  • CE, RoHS, SGS certification
  • OEM service
  • Comprehensive after sales support
  • No mini order quantity on any NOVA transformer amplifier
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Why NOVA Transformer Amplifiers

  • NOVA loudspeaker manufacturer
  • NOVA CE certification
  • MA testing reporter
  • SGS by Made-in-China

NOVA ACOUSTICS Your Trusted Transformer Amplifier Manufacturer

NOVA T1300 2X1300 Watt Power Amplifier

2 Channel Analog Power Amplifier 2x1300W at 8Ohm for entertainment venues, stadium, mobile performances and nightclubs with professional high quality sound.

NOVA T1200 2 Channel Power Amplifier

2x1200Watt at 8Ohm power amplifier with a simple and efficient amplification circuit, high power and clear sound suit for tour performance, conference rooms, and night clubs.

NOVA T800 800W at 8Ohm 2 Channel Power Amplifier

2x800W@8Ohm professional quality power amplifier with a simple and efficient amplification circuit for low noise designed for clubs, churches, entertainment venues.

NOVA T600 2x600 Watt at 8Ohm Power Amplifier

T600 is a compact power amplifier with 2×600 Watt at 8Ohm, high quality sound with low noise feature deliver user-friendly installation for churches, touring performance etc.

NOVA 2 channels T350 Commercial Power Amplifier

High Quality Power Amplifier T350 with 2x350Watt at 8Ohm power perfect for commercial entertainment and night clubs and karaoke and meeting room use.

XLi4000 2x1300W Dual Channels Power Amplifier

NOVA XLi4000 use ON brand transistors with 100% copper transformer deliver high stable and high quality sound for stadiums, touring performance, live events and clubs use.

Why NOVA is Professional in Transformer Amplifier

As a leading providing of transformer amplifier, NOVA acoustics are experts in giving high quality of transformer amplifier for over 15 years. NOVA’s transformer amplifier can adapt to a particularly wide range of load conditions. You can put trust on us for manufacture reliability and high efficiency transformer amplifier. NOVA’s transformer amplifiers are flexibility for performance.

NOVA’s transformer amplifiers covers 2 channels to 4 channels, the power of NOVA’s transformer amplifier are 2x800W@8Ohm, 2x1000W@8Ohm, 4x1000W@8Ohm, 2X1500W@8Ohm, 2X2000W@8Ohm, 4x1500w@8Ohm and 2X3000W@8Ohm for your different power of loudspeakers.

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How NOVA Manufacture Your Transformer Amplifier

CNC Metal Rack for Amplifier
CNC Metal Rack for Amplifier
Circuit Board Plug-in for Amplifier
Circuit Board Plug-in for Amplifier
PC Board for Amplifier
Circuit Board Plug-in for Amplifier
Amplifier Material
Amplifier Material
Amplifier Assembly Line
Amplifier Assembly Line
Amplifier Testing
Amplifier Testing
Transformer Amplifier Production Line
Transformer Amplifier Production Line
Amplifier Production Line
Amplifier Production Line


BT210K 10 inch Compact Line Array
D Series Class-D Amplifier
TW36 Dual 10 inch Line Array
FP10000Q Switching Power Amplifier
SRX700 Full Range Speaker
F218S Dual 18 inch Subwoofer
C212X Dual 12 inch Line Array
C210 Dual 10 inch Line Array

NOVA: Your Leading Transformer Amplifier Manufacturer

Are you looking for a cost-effect but stability and purity sound class-AB amplifier? NOVA acoustics can help you to manufacturer the transformer amplifier you want.

NOVA acoustics transformer amplifier can be used in many different applications with loudspeaker such as club, KTV, Hotel, Part, shops, church, performing live event and more. It highly useable compare to switching power amplifier and Class-D amplifier since its more cost-effective and also sound clarity, reliability.

For more 15 years of transformer amplifier experience, NOVA use high end CNC to make rack for transformer amplifier and high quality materials to keep the sound stability and purity. We make 7 hours to test every transformer amplifier before shipment to keep they are reliability for your audio projects.

Most of the engineers in the indoors performance use transformer amplifier for audio system like KTV, nightclub and church. Because NOVA’s transformer amplifier is high quality and high reliable, and the main feature also is low cost-effective but high efficiency than switching power amplifier and digital amplifier if you do care the weight of transformer amplifier.

If you are distributors, retails or if you have an audio project and want high quality transformer amplifier to improve your business, don’t hesitate to choose NOVA acoustics. You can guarantee that all of our transformer amplifiers are manufactured, designed and tested very well to keep their sound quality and quality.

Beside from transformer amplifiers, we also manufacturing switching power amplifiers, Class-D amplifiers and DSP amplifiers, line array, subwoofers, professional speakers and other sound equipment.

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